All About Hepatitis C Virus, Symptoms and Treatment

Hepatitis is a common word in the world of disease. Hepatitis is particularly a liver problem or specifically you can say that it is a liver disease. Mainly there is more than one kind of hepatitis disease. Hepatitis A, B, C. Among these three types, Hepatitis C is the most crucial stage. It affects the liver severely. Hepatitis C is not so common even not so rare, but it is very critical and very harmful. It is said that the source of hepatitis C is the hepatitis C virus. Medical research has proven that it can create chronic and acute liver infection. It can be very fatal. A person with hepatitis C can be a patient for weeks for the whole life.

The most common causes of this problem is the blood transfusion. Most commonly if you have an unprotected use of medical equipment, or unsafe blood transfusion, then you can be a victim of this disease. Recently, researchers have discovered that a good number of patients suffering from hepatitis C can develop liver cancer at the later stage. The number of patients affected by hepatitis C is increasing every year. And the number of people dieing from this disease is also alarming. Modern medicines are prepared so uniquely that it can cure a significant number of patients suffering from this disease. But most of the times patients are not diagnosed properly. Extensive research is still going on to eliminate the disease completely.

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The Ways of Transfusion:

According to the WHO reports the hepatitis C is a blood borne virus. And there are various ways by which the virus may get transmitted. As already stated that blood transfusion is the most common passage to infuse this virus in the blood. Unsafe way to use the medical equipment is one way by which a person may get affected. But a recent discovery shows that this virus can be transmitted sexually, even a mother with hepatitis C virus can severely affect her baby. Though, such kind of transmission is rare, but sometimes it happens. Remember, only blood transmission is the main way to create such kind of disease. So there is no problem in sharing food or drink with an infected person. Even you can touch and hug a patient suffering from hepatitis C.

Affected parts of the world:

Several research reports have shown that this problem is now a worldwide problem. But it is alarming for the African and the Asian continent. Mainly the central and the east Asia. It is seen that people who are suffering from drug addiction, specially who use injection to take drugs can become a victim of this problem easily. Obviously it varies from country to country. Some countries in the African continent are the worst victims of this disease. Even people of the general population can be a victim if they don't maintain the hygienic relationship. Medical researches have revealed that there are multiple genotypes of this hepatitis C virus. Even the distribution of these genotypes varies from region to region.

Hepatitis C Symptoms:

Like every other disease, this hepatitis C also has an initial stage. Generally the incubation period of this disease is two weeks to six months, according to the WHO report. Introductory period reveals nothing. You can't even find any prominent symptoms at the initial stages. Very few persons are lucky who can be diagnosed as the carrier of the virus. Some of the most common symptoms are fatigue with acute fever, abdominal pain with vomiting problem, grey colored eyes, and jaundice. These symptoms may also be seen without having the hepatitis C problem. So most of the cases, people tend to ignore it,and the aftermath is alarming. Remember, conscious decision is always better, because it helps you to acquire the safe passage for any problem.

Fatty changes to the liver occur in about half of those infected. Usually this change affects less than a third of the liver. Upto 30% of those infected develop cirrhosis over years. Cirrhosis is very common in in alcoholics, and in those who are infected with schistosoma, hepatitis B, or HIV, and in those of male gender. In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver begins to fail. Liver failur is a life-threatening problem. The inability to function of the liver to process certain toxic substances, may lead to confusion and even coma(encephalopathy).

Liver cirrhosis may lead to portal hypertension, jaundice, bleeding, enlarged veins (especially in the stomach and esophagus), and a syndrome of cognitive impairment known as hepatic encephalopathy.

From the above discussion you can create a list of points about the reasons and ways of hepatitis C disease.

How to Prevent Hepatitis C?

It is said that prevention is better than cure. Truly, if you make yourself aware about the reasons of a problem, then you can easily identify the ways to prevent the reasons and that is the best way to prevent a disease. Still today, no vaccine for hepatitis C is discovered. So extensive awareness about the disease is the best way to prevent the disease. Also , a population which is heavily prone to the disease should be familiar with acute reasons and aftermath of the disease.

The World Health Organization has recommended some proper ways of prevention:

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Hepatitis C Treatment

Proper treatment is the ultimate destination for every disease. For hepatitis C it is the most necessary one, and for the person who is suffering from chronic infection, must go for proper and very good treatment. Because the ultimate result of the disease might be a liver damage if not treated properly. The cure of the disease depends on several factors. It depends upon the strain of the virus, proper diagnosis, and the treatment according to the diagnosis. Remember, every human being wants to live a normal and physically fit life. So your aim must be to treat properly and to cure the disease completely. The cure should be the ultimate word of the treatment.

Every year medical board of various countries meets together and the process of treatment and care are changing rapidly. A few years back the treatment of the disease is different. Doctors prescribe weekly injection for a stretch of 48 weeks to cure the patient, but the result sometimes became fatal. Because injections for 48 weeks continuously bring some side effects or adverse reactions in the body, even patients had to face some of the major problems. But thanks to the modern researches. New antiviral drugs are better than the previous injections. These new drugs are not so harmful. Even the percentage of adverse reactions is very low. It is a much safer and better way to treat patients infected with hepatitis C virus. Modern medicines are called direct antiviral agents (DAA). The time frame to use these medicines are of 12 weeks, which is usually very shorter than the previous treatment. Also, this application of DAA helps a lot to cure people easily, and the number of curable persons is increasing rapidly.

One big concern about the modern medicines are, the cost of the production of these medicines is very low, but they are expensive in some countries, especially in the African countries. With a low income, it is difficult for the population of some African countries to bear the cost of the treatment for 12 weeks at a stretch. Though recently some medical companies have made generic versions of these medicines, and it is obvious that now the cost price of the medicines are not so high. But still more efforts are needed to make it possible for every person in the world who are the victim of this disease. Truly medical advances should be more accessible so that the success rate of the treatment should be very effective globally.

So the awareness is the key point of everything. And it is the best way above all kinds of treatments and medicines. Every year a huge number of people become affected by the hepatitis C virus, and a handsome number of them suffer the most. The aim should be to eliminate this disease from every corner of the world and make a healthy environment for every life on earth.

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