Infection and Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are one of the prime reasons of death all over the world. Some of the diseases have massive consequences which may lead to death. Moreover, its treatment is also complicated. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify the disease, and the patient has to suffer the dangerous consequences of the diseases. The worst part of infectious diseases is it spreads from one person to another person along with the same effects. There may be several reasons and types of infections, but less awareness is the prime reason behind this. Here a question may arise that why infection diseases occur? How it spreads from one person to another? Let's know something about infectious diseases:

What Is An Infectious Disease?

Infectious diseases are the kind of disorder which may cause by several types of organisms such as a virus, fungus, bacteria, and parasites. There are several types of organism in our bodies and the environment. Some bacteria are good for health, and some may create dangerous diseases. Infection may occur in various ways. You may get infected from the affected person or through the insects and animal bites or from the injection needle and contaminated foods & water. Symptoms and causes depend on what organism is responsible for the infection. Fever, headache, fatigue are the common symptoms. Some diseases can be prevented through vaccines, medicines such as chicken pox, measles, but some are difficult to prevent. Let's see the common symptoms of infectious diseases:

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Symptoms: As previously discussed each disease has different types of symptoms through which the particular disease can be identified. But there are some common symptoms of every infectious disease and those are:

All of the above-mentioned points are common symptoms of infectious diseases. Sometimes we ignore the symptoms and decide not to go to the doctor which can be very dangerous for health. Whenever you see this type of indications in your body, you should consult with the doctor at least for ones. Moreover, if you have bitten by an animal or suffering from coughing and fever for more than a week or having a severe headache and breathing trouble you should go to the doctor immediately. Remember at the primary stage of disease symptoms may seem as normal, but later it can be dangerous for your health even it may lead to the death. Self-awareness is always the best treatment for infectious diseases.

Let's Have A Look At The Prime Causes Of Infectious Diseases:

As previously discussed infectious diseases occur from the several types of organisms and those are as follows:

Any infection is transmitted from one person to another in various ways. You may get infections by direct contact or indirect contact. Let's see what these are:

Direct Contact:

Direct contact is one of the most common ways to get infectious diseases. Infection transmits quickly if you come in touch with the person or animal who is already infected. There are three ways to spread infectious diseases through direct contact, and those are as follows:

Indirect Contact:

This is also the very common way to get infectious diseases. You may get diseases through indirect contact in several ways. You may get infected through indirect contact, or direct contact consequences will be same. Both are dangerous for health. Let's know how germs pass through indirect contact:

In this way a virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi passes from one person to another.

Consequences Of Infectious Diseases:

Every infectious disease has its specific and different types of complications. Maximum diseases have a normal effect which can be cured, but there are some diseases which are life threatening such as AIDS, pneumonia, meningitis, etc. In these days dengue and malaria have become most common and life-threatening diseases. Moreover, there are some viruses which are responsible for cancer, such as papillomavirus causes cervical cancer, pylori causes stomach cancer and peptic ulcer.


Types of infectious diseases can be diagnosed by the entire blood test, urine test, stool examination and spit examination. Sometimes biopsies, spinal tap, a throat swab is required to diagnose the disease. Proper treatment can be started after the proper diagnosis at the right time. Sometimes a delayed diagnosis can be very dangerous, even that may lead to death.


After the proper diagnosis, doctors can start a proper treatment for the detected infectious diseases. Treatment is different for different types of diseases.

All the above-mentioned medicines can prevent infectious diseases, but self-awareness most important factor which can keep you safe from the infectious diseases.

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