The Myths About Generic Sovaldi

The main focus of the information in this page is to explain what Generic Sovaldi is, what it does, the common usages, recommended dosages as well as many other things. Just follow the segment by close range. This information is important and something that you should be aware of to avoid myths about Generic Sovaldi.

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Generic Sovaldi is used for chronic hepatitis C treatment. It delivers you hope to cure hepatitis C and live a healthy life.

What is Generic Sovaldi?

Generic Sovaldi is a generic form of Sofosbuvir, is mainly an anti-viral medicine which assists in averting hepatitis C viruses or HCV in common words, from increasing inside your body. This medicine has given favorable hopes to many patients who are fighting every day with this terrible disease. With the help of Generic Sovaldi, they can dump all their worries and think of eliminating their "Hep C" disease completely.

Long gone are the days when you thought about how to counter this menace, but this medicine has brought new hopes and vitality with it. With Generic Sovaldi you can take a new step and under the doctor's observance, you can start a new course.

The Common Uses of Generic Sovaldi:

The main ingredient which is present in Generic Sovaldi is Sofosbuvir at about 400mg. Sofosbuvir is mainly a nucleotide analog which is employed with some of the other drugs for the betterment of hepatitis C viruses or other forms of HCV disorders. Usually, Sofosbuvir is employed for treating chronic hepatitis C disorders of genotypes 1, 2, 3 and also 4. Sofosbuvir is also used with a pegylated ledipasvir-another form of an interferon-free mixture which is employed for the betterment of genotype one hepatitis C contaminations.

This Sofosbuvir is mainly employed in HCV patients who comprise of HIV infections, and the treatment is dependent on several clinical trials such as Electron trial which displays double interferon devoid regime of Sofosbuvir. However, there are still some uncertainties whether Sofosbuvir is safe and appropriate for people below their 18 years of age.

The recommended dosage as well as the right direction to follow:

Usually, doctors lay down that the normal adult chronic Hepatitis C dosage is about 400mg in a single day. The recommended regimes and the span of treatment- for Genotype 1 or 4; C/CHC –Sofosbuvir, ribavirin, and peginterferon Alfa for a span of 12 weeks- for Genotype 2 CHC- Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir for about 24 weeks. In the case of Hepatocellular carcinoma pending liver transplantation- Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir for about 48 weeks or at least until the time of transplantation whichever takes place first. The drug should be employed in an amalgamation of ribavirin or pegylated interferon along with ribavirin.

For patients who have CHC genotype 1, Ribavirin and Sofosbuvir are considered to be the right option. The same is also suggested to patients who suffer from hepatocellular carcinoma pending liver transplantations just to prevent reinfection of HCV post the transplant.

The main precautions which are needed to be taken:

The first and foremost thing which you are needed to do is consult with your doctor. Let them know that you are thinking of consuming Generic Sovaldi. The medicine does have some amount of allergic reactions. If you do face any such discomforts, simply report it to your doctor. To ensure that Sofosbuvir is safe for your consumption, you should inform your doctor whether you face some liver issues apart from Hepatitis. If you have just had a transplant or are facing with a kidney issue or have HIV, you have to inform the doctor about everything. One thing which you should know is that Sofosbuvir is employed with ribavirin. If you happen to be pregnant, then ribavirin will disrupt the affair and lead to problems even death to the unborn child. In such cases, you will have to undergo a pregnancy examination and come up with a negative result before consumption of such medications.

Another thing to note is that if you are a man; make sure that you do not use this medicine when your partner is pregnant It is still not clear whether Sofosbuvir passes it into the breast milk, so it would be better to avoid it because if it does then the child health could be endangered. So do not breastfeed when utilizing this medication.

Also, remember not to have unprotected sex when you are consuming this medicine. Do not share toothbrushes, razors etc. Just talk to the doctor properly and remember not to share anything such as your drugs or even your medicine needles.

The associated contradictions:

Consumption of alcohol at the time of taking this medicine can lead to serious, dangerous and contradictions. Grapefruit, as well as its juices, might react with the Sofosbuvir and cause numerous unwelcomed side effects. Just try using the grapefruit as well as its juices when you intake Generic Sovaldi.

Buy Generic Sovaldi 400 mg

1 bottle of 28 pills

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Generic Sovaldi is used for chronic hepatitis C treatment. It delivers you hope to cure hepatitis C and live a healthy life.

Generic Sovaldi Side Effects:

Here are some of the common side effects which are often seen:

Apart from all these some of the other popular symptoms include severe headaches, mild itching, issues in sleeping, feeling tired, nausea and blurred vision.

These are no way the complete list of side effects which take place but sure as hell they are the most common ones. Remember to contact your doctor whenever you experience any of these aforementioned symptoms. You can also communicate with the FDA.

Miscellaneous information:

In case you have missed your dose for the day, remember to take missed dose ASAP. But it you see that you have almost neared your next dose, simply forget about the one you missed and took the dosage of the present one only. The recommended thing is not to consume an excess of 400mgs of Sofosbuvir per day. The medicine should be stored at about 77 degrees F or 25 degrees C. Excursions must be allowed at intervals of 15 -30 degree C. It should be kept at a distance from moisture and heat, preferably in dry storage. Plus ensure that it is well out of reach of pets and small kids.

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